Buckrabanyule is a rural district on the railway line from Bendigo to Charlton, 15 km east of Charlton. Its name is thought to be derived from an Aboriginal expression meaning the middle hill of three ranges or hills.

Buckrabanyule is often linked with Barrakee, a district between it and Charlton. The first school in the area was opened at Barakee in 1877, but carried the name Buckrabanyule until 1882.

When the railway line to Charlton was opened in 1883 a station was built at Buckrabanyule. A post office was added to the station in 1884. A general store was opened in 1886, and a hotel and the 'Buckrabanyule Township' school in 1887. An Anglican church was opened in 1888, (the Methodists having had a church at Barrakee for two years). Local football, cricket and rifle clubs were established around the turn of the century, and a mechanics' institute, library and agricultural hall were opened in 1909. A railway grainshed was built in 1912 and a silo in 1940.

Buckrabanyule was described in the 1903 Australian handbook:

Until farms were consolidated from the 1930s onwards the small village continued. Closure of the general store in 1937 was probably the main turning point.

The Buckrabanyule school closed in 1968, and the silo and the public hall are the two landmarks. The hall was refurbished for a Back To Buckrabanyule celebration in 1986.

Buckrabanyule's census populations have been:

Census date population
1911 229
1947 124
1961 106

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