Cardross is a rural village a few kilometres north-west of Red Cliffs and 12 km south of Mildura, north-west Victoria.

The settlement of Cardross was part of the soldier-settlement farming community at Red Cliffs after World War I. In 1923 farm residents and the Red Cliffs Progress Association moved to form a school and small township. Of four suggested names, Cardross was chosen, reputedly inspired by Cardross, near Glasgow, Scotland. The school was opened in 1925, and is the focal point of the community. Fund-raising has bestowed sporting facilities, grassed areas and gardens, and an amphitheatre. There were 74 pupils in 2014.

In 2006 a motorist crashed into a group of teenagers, killing 6 and injuring 4. It had a dreadful impact on a small community.

Cardross is situated in an area with irrigated grape vines (mainly for dried fruit) and orchards. Cardross Lakes are to the south-west. In addition to the school there are a reserve, tennis courts, a public hall and a general store. A new recreation centre (2013) replaced one damaged in the 2011 floods.

Cardross’ census populations have been:

area census date population
Cardross 1933 540
  1947 876
  1961 651
Cardross and environs 2011 779

At the 2011 census, fruit and nut growing accounted for 11.2% of employment.

Further Reading

Mary Chandler, Cardross in mosaic, Cardross Progress Association, 2008