Diamond Hill

Diamond Hill was a gold mining village 5 km south of Bendigo and about 1 km west of the Spring Gully Reservoir. Its location is now in the water catchment area.

Diamond Hill was reputedly named after a diamond shaped rock on the hill.

With the development of mining companies which employed workers with families, a school was needed by 1873 and one was opened at the beginning of the next year. The mining companies included Great Comet Quartz Mining, Golden Fleece Quartz Mining, Albert Tribute and Albert Gold Mining and Crushing. Mining continued beyond 1900, as recorded in the Australian handbook, 1903:

The Methodist church served as a school room for a while after the school was burnt down in 1908 and closed in 1926.

Diamond Hill’s census populations were:

census date population
1901 226
1911 249
1933 56

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