Dixons Creek

Dixons Creek is a rural locality immediately north-east of Yarra Glen and 46 km north-east of Melbourne. The creek’s headwaters are between King Lake and Toolangi and its course more or less follows the Melba Highway until it joins Steels Creek north of Yarra Glen.

The creek flows through relatively open country that was taken up for farming when Yarra Glen was settled in the 1870s. Dixons Creek primary school opened in 1875. Further upstream the tree covered terrain was settled much later, and the Dixons Creek Upper school opened in 1891, closing before the year was out.

Dixons Creek was barely noticed by travellers from Yarra Glen to Yea and the Mount Buller ski resort until the Yarra Valley wine industry planted extensive vineyards along the Melba Highway at Dixons Creek. The wine industry has drawn rural/residential settlement and winery tourists.

Dixons Creek has a CFA station and a primary school that had 102 pupils in 2014. Dixons Creek’s census populations have been:

census date population
1921 136
1947 91
1961 91
2011 336