Elliminyt is a mostly residential area immediately south of Colac in western Victoria. It was named after the Illiminyte pastoral run (also known as the Barongarook run), taken up by Hugh Murray in 1837. Murray is regarded as Colac's founding pastoral settler.

Elliminyt was a farming area laid out on the Colac Town Common when it was subdivided in the late 1860s. The Colac Town Common school was opened in 1878, and a post office was opened in the following year. A few years before the common was subdivided the Colac turf club was granted about 130 hectares for the Colac racecourse. The Colac golf course was subsequently laid out next to the racecourse. Both are immediately south of Elliminyt.

In 1962 a Catholic primary school was opened for families living on the south side of Colac. Nearby, just inside Elliminyt's boundary with Colac, there is the State Colac College and the co-ed Catholic Trinity College (1967).

Elliminyt has a small shopping centre, and the school had 176 pupils in 2014. Elliminyt's census populations have been:

Census date population
1911 757
1947 684
1966 710
2006 2064
2011 2645