Hillside is a residential suburb 24 km north-west of central Melbourne. It is immediately west of Sydenham and extends south to the northern boundary of Caroline Springs. Hillside is in the north-east of Melton shire.

A large suburb, Hillside is divided by the east-west Melton Highway. North of the highway there are the Cana Catholic primary school (2004), the Sydenham-Hillside State primary school, the Hillside recreation reserve and a community centre near the site of a proposed shopping centre. There are several neighbourhood reserves, the larger Banchory Grove nature conservation reserve and linear reserve along a stream that runs south across Melton Highway.

The landscape descends southwards from an elevated point where there is a prominent water tower. The descending slopes may have inspired the name of the suburb which was gazetted in 1998.

South of the highway there is Parkwood Green State primary school. It opened in 2004 with an enrolment of 130 and in 2014 its enrolment was 1290.

Until a proposed shopping centre is built, the nearest places are Taylors Hill Village and Watergardens shopping centres. The nearest railway station is Watergardens, a travel distance of 1.5 to to 5 km, depending on where one lives in Hillside.

Hillside’s census populations have been:

census date population
2001 9174
2006 14,416
2011 16,326