Holmesglen is situated at the conjunction of Malvern East and Chadstone, and its boundaries are blurred. However, the railway station is 14 km south-east of Melbourne, where the line crosses Warrigal Road. During World War II there was a munitions plant at Holmesglen.

In the 1950s Warrigal Road was the boundary between the built up suburbs (to the west) and the developing housing areas to the east. Holmesglen played a pivotal role in postwar population and housing growth, having a migrant hostel housed in Nissen huts at the corner of Warrigal Road and Power Avenue and the concrete-house factory run by the Housing Commission, Victoria, on the site of a former munitions plant. The Commission had large estates at Holmesglen and nearby at Jordanville, Alamein and Box Hill South.

There is a small strip-shopping centre in Warrigal road near the railway station and the large Holmesglen College of TAFE (1982) with distinctive corrugated-iron architecture on the former concrete-house factory.