Huntingdale, formerly East Oakleigh, is a residential and industrial suburb 17 km south-east of Melbourne, between Oakleigh and Clayton.

Part of Huntingdale was occupied by the Melbourne Hunt Club from 1887 to 1929, and the link between them gave the area its name. The Hunt Club's land was acquired by the Eastern Golf Club, resulting in the opening of the Huntingdale Golf Club in 1940 (now in the Oakleigh South post code area). The golf course ultimately came to host the Australian Masters' Tournament, the first one being held in 1979.

The East Oakleigh post office opened in 1918 and the railway station opened in 1927. It was not until the mid-1950s that Huntingdale displaced East Oakleigh as the accepted name.

Huntingdale has a considerable amount of light industry in the vicinity of the railway line and station. In 1954 a primary school (297 pupils, 2014) was opened near the railway station. Five years later a high school was opened which, because of its distance from Huntingdale's centre, was later named Oakleigh South (. A strip shopping centre is on Huntingdale Road, near the railway station.

The present suburb is small, bounded by Huntingdale Road, North Road, Franklyn Street and Princes Highway. Its census populations have been:

Census date population
2001 1523
2006 1613
2011 1784