Kolora is a rural locality in western Victoria, 11 km south-east of Mortlake.

The Kolora district was first settled as the Keilambete pastoral run (1840), which extended south and included Lake Keilambete near Terang. In 1897 the property was subdivided, adding to the district’s farm properties which had begun with the subdivision of the neighbouring Glenormiston estate.

A Glenormiston primary school had been opened in about 1870. In 1892 the school was renamed Kolora, taking the name from a lagoon in the vicinity.

The Glenormiston district was mainly used for dairying and Kolora shared that activity. It was recorded in the Victorian municipal directory (1910) that Kolora had a creamery (1892) the State school and Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. The district, however, clustered around Glenormiston, probably because of the presence of the butter factory. Kolora’s school was closed in 1960. There are now a public hall (1930) and tennis courts.

Kolora’s census populations have been:

census date population
1921 180
1933 238
1947 230
1954 200
1961 198
2011 356

Further Reading

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