Kurunjang is a residential area 35 km north-west of central Melbourne, immediately north of Melton.

Small areas of housing were laid out in the early 1980s. The Mowbray Non-denominational College opened in 1983, from years 1 to 12. Adjoining it are a primary school (1989), a secondary college (1986) and a reserve with sports facilities. The State primary school had 419 pupils and the secondary college 734 pupils in 2014.

One of Melton's several watercourses, the Little Blind Creek, flows through Kurunjang, and has an extensive linear park with a cycle path. There is also a linear park along the Toolern Creek in the eastern section of Kurunjang. Apart from a corner store in Kurunjang, shopping is done in Melton.

Mowbray College closed in 2012 and its site was bought by Heathdale Christian College, Werribee.

Kurunjang’s census populations have been:

census date population
2006 6728
2011 9228