Larpent is a rural locality on the Princes Highway and railway line, 8 km west of Colac in western Victoria. It was named after the English ship 'Larpent' which brought settlers to the area in 1849. The settlers had been recruited by Dr John Dunmore Lang, in one of his emigration schemes. The land where they settled was known as Lang's Larpent Section.

Most farms were less than 8 hectares, and most farmers were Presbyterian. A school was conducted in a Presbyterian chapel during 1859-74. The land was suitable for vegetable growing, grazing and cropping. In 1903 Larpent was described in the Australian handbook:

Larpent's amenities did not grow beyond their description in 1903, but there were soldier-settlement farms after World War I and World War II. There is a public hall, but the school has been closed. Larpent's census populations have been:

census date population
1911 180
1947 231
1961 290
2006 216*
2011 193

*and environs