Main Ridge

Main Ridge is mainly a rural district on the Mornington Peninsula to the south of Arthurs Seat and Dromana. It is 65 km south of central Melbourne.

Arthurs Seat is a granitic hill which is joined to a hilly range backing into the peninsula. The name Main Ridge is a geographic description of the landform. The elevation of Main Ridge attracts relatively heavy rainfall and white settlement of the area involved timber cutting in advance of farming. Splitters Creek (ie timber splitters) is one of several streams which drain southwards.

Main Ridge was a farming locality. A school was opened in 1871. Much of the original vegetation was cleared for pasture, and shelter belts of cypresses and other exotic trees border many paddocks. Some remnant vegetation (eg paper barks) remains in uncleared gullies. The undulating rural landscape includes several attractive views. At the extreme west of Main Ridge the basaltic slopes meet timbered dunes. The land is relatively infertile and has been used for grazing. It includes the largest area of remnant vegetation on the peninsula, known as Greens Bush, which was reserved in 1974 and incorporated in the Mornington Peninsula State Park.

Main Ridge's countryside has become increasingly dotted with tourist attractions including vineyards, self pick orchards and galleries. The community centre is the recreation reserve which has a hall and tennis and bowling facilities. The primary school ceased as a community centre when several schools closed in 1951 upon the opening of Red Hill Consolidated.

Main Ridge's census populations have been:

census date population
1933 218
1961 390
2006 769
2011 469