Nalangil is a rural locality 12 km north-west of Colac, on the eastern shore of Lake Corangamite, western Victoria. It is thought that the name was derived from an Aboriginal word that described a weapon.

Nalangil is situated in relatively flat country of high fertility that is suitable for dairying, vegetable growing and grazing. Originally held as a pastoral run, small farms were subdivided from the run in about 1865, and more occurred in the 1880s. The settlement centre was Cororooke, 6 km away, and when a school was opened at Nalangil in 1893 it was first known as Cororooke West. Cororooke had a large cheese and butter factory, and a branch factory was opened at Nalangil.

During the 1920s-50s the Victorian municipal directory recorded Nalangil as having two churches, a hall and the school. In 1953 several schools in the district, including Nalangil's, closed when a consolidated school was opened at Alvie.

Nalangil's census populations have been:

Area census date population
Nalangil 1911 242
  1933 321
  1961 186
Nalangil and environs* 2006 453
  2011 not recorded

* Northwards from Pirron Yallock and Larpent on the Princes Highway