Orrvale is a rural locality in north-central Victoria, 5 km south-east of Shepparton. It is situated in an area which was subdivided for closer settlement farms during 1910-12, and was established within a year of Grahamvale, a few kilometres to the north. The whole settlement was first known as Shepparton Estate.

Orrvale was named after William Orr, the local upper house parliamentary representative, in 1912. A school was opened in the Presbyterian church in 1913. Initially the irrigated farms were used for dairying, but most changed to orcharding. Many farm owners were immigrants, including people from Palestine and from European countries affected by prewar and war time hostilities.

Orrvale has a recreation reserve and a school which had 300 pupils in 1999 and 390 in 2014. Its census populations have been:

census date population
1933 560
1954 670
2006 687
2011 524

At the 2011 census, orcharding and fruit processing accounted for 17.2% of employment.