Stonnington City

Stonnington city was formed on 22 June 1994, by the union of Malvern city and most of Prahran city. Its eastern boundary is Punt Road and the others (clockwise) are Yarra River and Gardiners Creek, Warrigal Road and Princes Highway/Dandenong Road. Its area is 25.6 sq km covering land that rises northwards from the sandbelt area south of Dandenong Road, and containing some of metropolitan Melbourne’s most wanted residential areas.

Stonnington is named after a two storey mansion of that name in Glenferrie Road, Malvern. It was built for the proprietor of Cobb and Co Coaches in 1890 and has been used as a Government House (1901-32), girls’ school, hospital and a campus of Deakin University.

Stonnington city has Citylink/Monash Freeway along its northern boundary, along with the railway line from Heyington to Holmesglen. Another west-east railway line runs from South Yarra to Malvern, and tramlines run along Toorak Road, Malvern Road, High Street and Dandenong Road. North-south trams run along Chapel Street and Glenferrie Road and there are four west-east tram lines (Toorak Road, Malvern Road, High Street and Wattletree Road). The dense web of public transport serves numerous private schools and strip shopping areas such as Chapel Street, Prahran, High Street, Armadale and Glenferrie Road, Malvern. The only drive in shopping centre is at Stonnington’s eastern end, Chadstone, beyond the reach of trams and 1 km from a railway station.

Stonnington city’s census populations have been:

census date population
1996 84,300
2001 86,090
2006 89,883
2011 93,145

Nearly two thirds of Stonnington city’s occupied dwellings at the 2011 census were higher density: row houses (17.6% of dwellings), flats and units (44.8%).

Further Reading

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