Tally Ho

Tally Ho, a relatively prominent district in the rural landscape of the nineteenth century, is now a sub-locality of Burwood East, 18 km east of central Melbourne. The dividing line between the Parishes of Nunawading and Mulgrave was the east-west Highbury road, and a store was built at the corner of Blackburn and Highbury Roads in the 1860s. It was opposite a school opened in 1861, positioned to take children from families in each parish. A hotel was built next to the store in 1871 and was later named Tally Ho.

Farming settlements increased along Highbury Road, particularly orchards, and a local fruit growers' association was formed in 1893. In about 1902 the Methodist Church established the Tally Ho Boy's Home, about 2 km eastwards, later becoming the Burwood East Boys' Training Farm with its own school (1908). The school, however, was renamed Tally Ho to avoid confusion with the one near the Tally Ho hotel (although it had been renamed Burwood East some years before). In 1903 the Australian handbook described Tally Ho:

A new Tally Ho Boys' Village was opened in 1952 and is now infamous for institutional abuse of the boys in its care. The site remained the last rural land in an area increasingly under housing in the 1970s. It is now the Tally Ho Business Park. The other part of Tally Ho where the hotel was situated retains the Tally Ho name in a small shopping centre and post office in Blackburn Road. There are also a Tally Ho tennis club and reserve nearby.