Tatyoon is a rural village in western Victoria, 28 km south of Ararat and 180 km north-west of Melbourne. It is situated on a cleared plain in which there are a number of swampy depressions or ephemeral lakes. It is thought that the name was derived from an Aboriginal word describing water or a water catchment.

The Tatyoon district has the Hopkins River on its west and Fiery Creek on its east. The first Tatyoon village was established near Fiery Creek, containing a school (1872), a Presbyterian church and other buildings. Some pine trees and the old cemetery record its existence.

In 1913 a railway line between the Geelong and Ararat areas was opened in addition to the line running between those places via Ballarat. Its intention was to carry agricultural freight and livestock from the western plains. A few years before the opening of the line a large estate had been subdivided for farms, and soldier-settlement farms after World War II added more people to Tatyoon. Wheat growing led to silos being built at the railway station in 1960.

Tatyoon has a church, a hall and a CFA station. Its populations have been:

census date population
1911 124
1954 251
1961 271
2011 326*

*and environs

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