Wattle Glen

Wattle Glen, a mostly rural locality on the Diamond Creek, is 25 km north-east of central Melbourne, between Diamond Creek and Hurstbridge. Its name arose from the wattle trees which are still profuse in the area.

It has a station on the railway line which was extended from Eltham to Hurstbridge in 1912 and electrified in 1926. A primary school was opened in 1922. The school was named Wattle Glen and both the railway station (Balee) and the post office (Diamond Creek Upper) were renamed at the same time.

Until the 1980s Wattle Glen was rural. The local commercial and shopping centre was at Diamond Creek or Hurstbridge, and by the mid-1990s only a general store was available for closer shopping. Nevertheless, residential subdivision was filling the space between Wattle Glen and Diamond Creek, whilst the sparser housing northwards remained much the same.

There is a memorial park, country fire station and tennis court, in addition to the general store, school (90 pupils, 2014) and railway station.

Wattle Glen’s census populations have been:

Census date Population
1933 135
1961 335
2001 1322
2006 1360
2011 1946