Wy Yung

Wy Yung, partly rural and partly residential, is immediately north and west of Bairnsdale in east Gippsland. It has both undulating landscape and river flats bordering the Mitchell River. It is thought that the name derived from an Aboriginal expression describing wild duck.

The district was keenly taken up in the 1860s and by the next decade there was enough population for two schools to open. Wy Yung (originally Doherty's Corner) school opened in 1875 and Wy Yung West (later Calulu) opened in 1876. By then there were goldfields at Bullumwaal to the north, and ferry service across the Mitchell River began in 1876. It was replaced by a drawbridge in 1889, at the location of the present Lind Street bridge. A hotel was opened in the 1870s, and farm blocks of 50 to 100 acres were taken up in the 1890s. A Presbyterian church (1890-1923) and a mechanics' institute (1897) were opened.

Wy Yung continued as a farming district until the 1970s when urban housing began. A community hall was built in 1967, followed by a sports oval (1973) and a sewerage scheme (1976). Wy Yung's elevated outlook over the Mitchell River has drawn a housing estate. Its hotel caters to better-off patrons and there is also a bakery.

Primary education is at the new State school on the border between Wy Yung and Lucknow. The original Wy Yung school closed in 1979.

Wy Yung's census populations have been:

area census date population
Wy Yung 1911 507
  1921 339
  1954 326
Wy Yung and environs 2006 1947
  2011 1710