Yabba Yabba

Yabba Yabba, now shown on maps as Yabba North and Yabba South, is in north-central Victoria, 30 km north-east of Shepparton. It was named after the Yabba Yabba pastoral run (1850), the name thought to be derived from an Aboriginal expression describing talk.

Farm selection settlement began in the 1870s and schools were opened at Yabba North and Yabba South in 1882 and 1884. In 1892 a railway line was opened from Dookie and Katamatite, running through Yabba North and Yabba South. It appears that farm holdings were of inadequate size for long term viability, and fluctuating rural fortunes were reflected in uneven school attendances. After intermittent operation the schools closed in 1941 (Yabba South) and 1951.

Yabba Yabba is a wheat and grazing area, and has a CFA station, and a silo at the former Yabba North railway station. (The line closed in 1986). Yabba Yabba’s census populations have been:

census date population
1911 269
1933 235
1961 96
2011* 256

*includes Yabba North and Yabba South as well as Watville, Yundool and Waggarandall