Yendon is a rural locality on the railway from Geelong to Ballarat and is 15 km south-east of Ballarat.

Yendon was originally known as Buninyong East, and was the nearest railway station (1862) to the town of Buninyong. This was a cause of a township population servicing an intermediate railway terminus and distribution centre. A school was opened in 1864. Sawmills were active from the 1850s, and the Trial Mills west of Yendon were among the largest in the district. In 1878-79 the name was changed from Buninyong East to Yendon, the new name supposedly being derived from an Aboriginal word meaning scrubby land or referring to a local waterhole.

In 1903 Yendon was described in the Australian handbook:

Yendon had a substantial bluestone railway station which was demolished in 1969. The school was closed during the 1970s.

Yendon’s census populations have been:

Census date Population
1881 210
1911 245
1961 145
2011* 270

*and environs