Bandiana, consisting mainly of a military establishment, is immediately south-east of Wodonga in north-eastern Victoria.

Early authorities state that the name arose from an Aboriginal woman with bandy legs, but that view is most likely fanciful. A later authority states that the name is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning hill. While Bandiana is on flat ground, it is overlooked by Huon Hill to the north and Bears Hill to the south. (Charles Huon was a pioneer of Wodonga.)

During World War II military camps were established at Bandiana and at nearby Bonegilla. Both were on the Wodonga-Cudgewa railway (1889-1981). The Bandiana camp has become a large military area for Army logistics, ordnance and electrical and mechanical engineers. There is also an Army College of TAFE and an Ordnance Corps museum at Gaza Ridge Barracks. Bandiana has a primary school (1952), post office, saleyards and golf course. The Kiewa River is to the east of Bandiana.

Bandiana's census populations have been:

Census date Population
1933 22
1947 532
1961 173
2006 114
2011 581

Bandiana’s primary school had an enrolment of 175 in 2014, many drawn from neighbouring Bonegilla or outer-urban Wodonga.

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