Bellbridge is a rural township dating from the early 1970s, situated on the eastern side of the Hume Reservoir near the Bethanga Bridge. The bridge takes traffic from Bellbridge across the reservoir to Albury, 10 km to the west.

Bellbridge was partly named after the property, Belmer, which was subdivided for the township, and the proximity of the bridge suggested the second part of the name. Originally it had been named Belmer Heights, a reference to the hills rising behind the reservoir’s shoreline, but Bellbridge was the named preferred by residents.

Bellbridge is immediately east of the Bethanga bridge, built during 1927-30. A joint venture by the Victorian and New South Wales governments, the bridge is 752 metres long and is heritage listed.

The township has a boat ramp to the reservoir, a child health centre, a public hall and a convenience store. The water supply from the Hume Weir to the town was replaced in 2006. Residents fought a proposal in 2013 to sell off public land at Roy Williams Park for foreshore development.

Its census populations have been:

census date population
1981 282
1996 293
2006 358
2011 399

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