Beverford is an irrigated farming district with a village, 14 km north-west of Swan Hill in north-west Victoria. The origin of the name is obscure; possibly it was connected with the Beveridge family which took up the nearby Tyntynder pastoral run in 1845.

Beverford is in the Torrumbarry irrigation district which became functional with the completion of the Torrumbarry weir on the Murray River (near Echuca) in 1924. A school was also opened in that year as settlers took up farms.

Citrus fruits, vegetables and grapes are grown, and Bullers winery (1952) is a local attraction. In addition to the school there are a recreation reserve, a store, local businesses and the Tyntynder historic homestead, 3 km north-west. The school, which is a district one, had 100 pupils in 1998 and 37 in 2014.

Beverford’s census populations have been:

census date population
1933 267
1947 256
1954 352
2006 247*
2011 372

*and environs