Briar Hill

Briar Hill, 18 km north-east of central Melbourne, is a residential and light industrial suburb about 1 km east of Greensborough. Its name possibly derives from the type of tangled vegetation which covered the hill which ascends to its north.

Its growth was tied to Greensborough's, which was a township set in rural surrounds until the 1970s. A Briar Hill Progress Association agitated for a primary school in 1924, and it was opened in 1927 (199 pupils, 2014). Residential growth in Briar Hill followed the development of neighbouring Montomorency in the 1950s-60s, and a second primary school, Sherbourne, opened in 1971 (228 pupils, 2014).

Briar Hill has a small shopping centre with a post office, a local hall and neighbourhood reserves. Its census populations have been:

Census date Population
1938 332
1947 526




2006 3099
2011 3092