Coragulac is a rural locality in western Victoria, 9 km north-west of Colac. It is situated in an area with fertile soil and known as the Warrion Hills. The Red Rock lookout, above the hills, Lake Coragulac and Lake Corangamite, is about 2 km north-west of Coragulac. South-east of Coragulac there are stony rises, further evidence of volcanic activity in the Warrion Hills.

Coragulac was named after an Aboriginal word that is thought to describe a sandy creek.

By the 1880s much of the Warrion Hills area was subdivided for farms, and many holdings were taken up by Irish-Catholic families. The land was suited to vegetable growing, dairying and grazing. Coragulac had a Catholic school (1899) convent (1924) and church (1899, rebuilt 1939). There was a State school at Cororooke, 3 km south, but no State school at Coragulac.

In 1923 the dairying and farming activity north of Colac were sufficient for a short railway line to Alvie to be opened, with stations at Coragulac and Cororooke. It ran until 1954.

Coragulac is a dairying and pastoral area, and dairy produce is processed at the Bonlac factory at Cororooke. In 2010 St Brendan's Catholic primary school had 44 pupils. Coragulac's census populations have been:

area Census date population
Coragulac 1933 219
  1961 309
Coragulac and environs* 2011 223

* including Corunnun