Croydon Hills

Croydon Hills is a residential suburb 28 km north-east of central Melbourne, immediately north of Croydon. Before being named, when it was mostly open land, it was part of Ringwood North.

When the area was orchards and farms the Luther College was opened in 1964 in Plymouth Road, Croydon Hills' southern border. Opposite the college (in Croydon) there is the McAdam Square shopping centre.

North of the college there is Croydon Hills State primary school (1988) (557 pupils, 2014) adjoined by Yarrunga Reserve which has a community centre and tennis courts. The reserve has wetlands to its south and linear parks to its north with walking tracks. There is another linear park to the west.

Croydon Hills' western boundary, Bemboka Road, is the location of Anglican and Baptist churches. Residents have opted for fully detached houses on landscaped blocks (only ten dwellings in Croydon Hills were semi-detached in 2011 census), and have average incomes 14% above the Australian average (2011 census). Croydon Hills' census populations have been:

census date population
2001 5312
2006 5399
2011 5185