Glen Eira City

Glen Eira city is a municipality formed on 15 December 1994 by the union of Caulfield city and part of Moorabbin city (McKinnon, Bentleigh and Bentleigh East). It extends from Dandenong Road in the north to South Road in the south, and comprises 39 sq km. Its closest point to central Melbourne is 7 km to the south-east and its most distant point (Bentleigh East) is 17 km to the south-east.

The origin of the name Glen Eira was a house in Kooyong Road, acquired by a pastoralist and meat processor, Henry Ricketson, in 1865. Ricketson remodelled it as an 18-room residence and later donated it for hospital purposes.

The Caulfield and Glen Huntly parts of the municipality are well served by public transport (two train lines and four tram lines). The remaining three-quarters of Glen Eira has a tram line running south along Hawthorn Road and a train line, also running south, from Glen Huntly to Bentleigh. The distant Bentleigh East is mostly a postwar ‘sand belt’ suburb, reliant on bus and private transport.

The Glen Eira College had 599 pupils in 2014.

Glen Eira city has differing house types and religious affiliations, particularly when East St Kilda is compared with Bentleigh East at the 2011 census:

Housing type % of all dwellings (2011)
  Bentleigh East East St Kilda Glen Eira Victoria
Separate house 82.6 24.3 56.5 76.9
Row house 10.8 11.0 17.0 9.6
Flat, unit 6.4 64.6 25.9 12.9
Religious affiliation % of population (2011)
Judaism 9.9 27.9 18.9 0.8
Eastern Orthodox 10.9 2.7 6.6 4.3

There is no free standing drive-in shopping centre in Glen Eira, and most main street shopping strips have high occupancy rates. The main ones are:

Shopping strip Suburb

Transport connections

Glen Huntly Road:

Elsternwick Rail station and tram line
  Caulfield South Train line
  Glen Huntly

Rail station and tram line

Centre Road: Bentleigh Rail station
  Bentleigh East Bus only, or private car
Koornang Road: Carnegie Rail station

Hawthorn and Balaclava Roads:

Caulfield Two tram lines

Glen Eira’s census populations have been:

census date population
1996 113,392
2001 117,199
2006 124,083
2011 131,013

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