Greater Dandenong City

The municipality of Greater Dandenong City comprises all of the former Dandenong city, Springvale, Noble Park, Keysborough and Bangholme southwards to Thompson Road (in the former Springvale city), and part of Lyndhurst (in the former Cranbourne Shire). It has an area of 130 sq km.

The boundaries of Greater Dandenong restore to the Dandenong municipality much of the lower Dandenong Valley (Dandenong Creek) hinterland which was severed from it when Springvale and Noble Park Shire was formed in 1955, which became Springvale city in 1961. The additional area was once substantially wetland, until drainage works through the Carrum Swamp enabled a more rapid draining of the Dandenong and Eumemmerring Creeks. Most of the drained land is flat, given to industry, market gardens and sewerage treatment (Bangholme).

Part of Greater Dandenong's northern border is the Monash Freeway, intersected by Eastlink which proceeds through Dandenong North, Keysborough, Dandenong South and Bangholme. The arterial roads have large adjacent industrial sites. Springvale, Noble Park and Dandenong are on the metropolitan railway line, linking to dormitory towns in west Gippsland. Workers commute to both Dandenong central and closer to Melbourne.

Greater Dandenong's population was 53% Australian born in 1991. Greater Dandenong has continued to attract overseas arrivals: Australian-born residents fell to 40.4% of the population by 2006 and 38.1% at the 2011 census. Apart from having established ethnic communities to welcome them, new arrivals found housing relatively affordable. Greater Dandenong's varied population is unevenly distributed among its suburbs.

Greater Dandenong City's census populations have been:

census date population
1996 126,179
2001 123,965
2006 125,520
2011 135,605