Hallora and Ripplebrook

South of Drouin in West Gippsland there are several rural localities.

Ripplebrook census area

The Ripplebrook village is on Westernport Road, between Lang Lang and Drouin. Originally known as Longwarry South, the change of name occurred in 1933 when the school was renamed. The school dated from 1879. The village also had Anglican and Union churches (1880, c1886). In 2014 the school had 21 pupils.

In the west of the census area there is the Modella village. It has a hall, and the school operated from 1904 to 1993.

Athlone village is on the boundary between the two census areas, the Drouin-Korumburra Road. It has a hall, an Anglican church and a school (1909) which had 4 pupils in 2013.

Hallora census area

The Hallora village is at the corner of Brock and Sheehans Roads, 13 km south of Drouin. Its school opened in 1881 and closed in 1993. There is a hall (1905) and a recreation reserve.

In the north of the census area there is the larger village of Lardner, named after the Government surveyor, John Lardner, who surveyed the line of Lardners Track in the 1870s. The village has a hall (1925, replacing one built 1885), a recreation reserve, a CFA station and a district school (50 pupils, 2014).

Census data has been:

Census date Population
  Ripplebrook Hallora
2006 459 525
2011 413 317

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