Harrisfield, in the western part of Noble Park and adjoining the south side of the Princes Highway, is 24 km south-east of Melbourne. It was named in 1926 after Edgar Harris, who had farmed in the area since 1895 and had been a councillor of Dandenong shire since 1910. The named was occasioned by the opening of a new post office in a general store on the Princes Highway.

Until the 1950s Harrisfield had farming activities in common with Noble Park, but residential development then took place. A shopping centre of six shops was built in 1954 and a primary school opened the following year. Notionally Harrisfield extended both sides of the Princes Highway and in the 1960s the Harrisfield Progress Association tried to get formal delineation of the boundaries. It was unsuccessful, and the northern part has become Noble Park North. The Progress Association disbanded in 1966. The named continues with the primary school (242 pupils, 2014). Populations of the area have been:

Census date Population
1933 172



Further Reading

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