Katandra West

Katandra West is a rural township in northern Victoria between Shepparton and Tungamah. It is situated in flat farmland which is irrigated by the East Goulburn Main Channel.

Katandra was named after the Katandra pastoral run, part of the Tallyaroopna run which was divided in two in 1848. It is thought the name was derived from an Aboriginal word meaning song of birds or hunting ground.

The Katandra district became closely settled during the 1920s. Katandra West primary school was opened in 1929. Additional closer settlement took place after World War II, and Katandra West became the district centre as four smaller schools were closed between 1953 and 1965.

About 10 km northwards there is another closely settled orcharding and dairying district named Invergordon. Its population touched 200 in 1961, and during the 1960s its school drew 200 pupils from the district.

Katandra West township has the main district facilities, consisting of three churches, a school (65 pupils, 2014), a hall, a recreation reserve and ovals, tennis courts, bowling green and shopping facilities.

Katandra West's census populations have been:

area Census date Population
Katandra West 1921 141
  1947 227
  1961 378
  1966 156
  2011 226
Katandra West and environs 2006 639
  2011 747

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