Kingsville, formerly part of Yarraville, is 8 km west of central Melbourne.

In 1907 land subdivisions named Kingsville, Queensville and Clarendon were released along Geelong Road, between Williamstown Road and Roberts Street. The suburb took its name from the subdivision, and was settled around World War I. Kingsville primary school was opened in 1919.

A Kingsville, Queensville and Clarendon Progress Association was formed, and a Kingsville and Yarraville Citizen's Band performed at a band hall in Kingsville Street. The sense of local identity, however, was frustrated by the area being the eastern-most part of Werribee Shire until it was transferred to Footscray city (which included Yarraville), in 1922. Kingsville was a locality in Footscray West until it was gazetted as a suburb in 1999.

Kingsville has a small strip shopping centre in Somerville Road. The Corpus Christi Catholic school and a linear park along Stony Creek are just outside the suburb's boundaries. The derelict Rising Sun Hotel in Geelong Road, Kingsville, was damaged by fire in 2008. Kingsville primary school had 580 pupils in 2014.

Kingsville's census populations have been:

census date population
2001 3394
2006 3351
2011 3509