Leigh Creek

Leigh Creek is a rural locality about midway between Ballarat and Bungaree and 2 km north of Mount Warrenheip. It was probably named after the Leigh River (also known as the Yarrowee River) which flows southwards to join the Barwon River at Inverleigh. The river’s name was given by a surveyor, John Helder Wedge in 1835, possibly because of the countryside’s resemblance to the English Leigh downs.

Leigh Creek is situated in an area with rich volcanic soil, suitable for numerous crops, in particular, potatoes. A school was opened in 1864, lasting until 1894. Leigh Creek’s main point of significance is that it was the administrative centre of Bungaree Shire until 1994. In days when traffic was lighter, councillors could cross the road to the Leigh Creek hotel for meals and refreshments.

Leigh Creek's census populations have been:

Census date Population
1901 374
1938 128
1966 108