Litchfield is a rural district in north-western Victoria, 15 km north-west of Donald and west of Lake Buloke.

The district was originally known as Witchipool (the name of the parish) and, along with the adjoining Carron parish, it was taken up for farm selections during 1873-76. The Witchipool post office was opened in 1877 and schools were opened at Witchipool East (1879), Witchipool West (1880) and Carron (1881). The district's hotel was opened at Carron in 1882.

When the railway was extended from Donald to Birchip in 1893 a station was placed near a general store operated by a selector, Joseph Litchfield. The station was named after the store's proprietor. For some years both names were used, until the Witchipool post office and school were named Litchfield in 1907. During the 1920s the Carron Catholic church building (1893) was moved to Litchfield, and a public hall was opened.

Litchfield was a large wheat-receiving point and in 1939-40 silos replaced the shed used for holding bagged grain. Since the 1960s farm amalgamations have reduced the district's population, leading to the closure of the Catholic church (1964) and the school.

Litchfield has a public hall, silos and a recreation reserve. Its census populations have been:

census date population
1911 300
1961 141

Further Reading

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