Melton West

Melton West is a residential suburb dating from the early 1970s, immediately adjoining Melton. It is 39 km north-west of central Melbourne.

The Melton township formed around Melton (on the Western Highway) and Melton South (on the railway line) during the 1970s. The development westwards came as those two expanded and became a continuous urban area. Melton West primary school was opened in 1971 and the Melton regional shopping centre (renamed Woodgrove shopping centre), Melton West, opened in 1973. Whilst it has been enlarged, it has not overcome a pre-existing strip shopping centre: the Melton shops on High Street (formerly the Western Highway) have also undergone a steady expansion. The highway has been superseded by the Western Freeway which is the suburb’s southern boundary.

Melton West is a residential area of over 2 sq km with two State primary schools (1971, 1982), the Melton secondary college (1975) and Catholic primary and secondary (1980) schools. It also has a community centre, neighbourhood parks and linear parks along Arnolds Creek and the East Branch of Arnolds Creek.

Melton West’s census population has overtaken the suburb of Melton. Moreover, it is destined for further growth, west of the boundary of Melton shire (Djerriwarrh Creek) and north to Toolern Vale. In 2013 sites were set aside for a regional cemetery and a third State primary school.

Census populations have been:

census date population
2006 10,381
2011 14,171