Nanneella is a rural village in the Rochester Irrigation District. It is east of the Campaspe River, 9 km north-east of Rochester and 20 km south of Echuca.

The word Nanneella was the Aboriginal name for a local creek, and is also thought to mean sandy creek.

Nanneella is situated on the former Restdown Plains pastoral run (1843), which was partially subdivided for farm selections in the 1870s. Schools were opened at Nanneella South (1877) and at Nanneella North (1882).

The Waranga Western Channel brought irrigation to the district in 1909 and closer settlement farms were settled from 1911 onwards. Two more schools were opened in 1911 and 1915, although the one at Nanneella North had closed in 1897. Closer settlement brought over 80 families, in place of six beforehand. Dairying was particularly successful. In the 1950s ten farmers milked 660 cows in the area known as the golden mile (260 hectares). Jersey and Red Poll studs won many prizes for their animals. There were also Border Leicester and Dorset Horn sheep studs. The village had a cannery, cheese factory, a general store, an Anglican church and a motor garage.

Nanneella has a school (30 pupils, 2014), an Anglican school, a memorial hall, a general store, dairying and stock farming properties and some market gardening. Its census populations have been:

census date population
1911 270
1933 647
1961 449
2011 405*

*and environs

At the 2011 census, dairy farming accounted for 25.1% of employment and other farming accounted for 6.6%.

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