Neerim and Neerim Junction

The Neerim district is north of Warragul in West Gippsland. Neerim South is the largest town, and the entry on that place gives a history of settlement.

Neerim is 23 km north of Warragul and 7 km from Neerim South. It became the lesser settlement when the northwards railway line from Warragul had its terminus at Neerim South during 1892-1917. Neerim gained its own station when the line was extended to Nayook.

Neerim has had a Methodist church (1881) and a school (1885-1968). It presently has a hall (1957) and a recreation reserve which is the venue for the annual Neerim district show. There is a fine war memorial (1923) near the cemetery.

Neerim Junction is 4 km north of Neerim, and was at first known as Neerim North. It was a district centre with a mechanics' institute, general store, coffee palace and blacksmith. In 1914 it opened a bush nursing centre. Its present hall was built in 1978.

Census populations have been:

Census Date Neerim Neerim Junction Combined
1921 287 209  
1933 294 328  
1947 313 151  
2006 N/S 223*  
2011     415

* Includes environs

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