St Albans Park

St Albans Park is a residential suburb 5 km south-east of central Geelong. It was detached from the suburb of Whittington in about 1999 and the boundary between them is Townsend Street. St Albans Park's southern boundary is the Barwon River, and as the suburb proceeds south it is less built-up.

The suburb is named after the rural town of St Albans (1852) and/or the St Albans homestead and horse stud (1873). The census for 1871 recorded 312 people in St Albans, of whom about 40% were Wesleyans. A Methodist church had been built in 1869, in Wilson Street about 600 metres north of the homestead. (James Wilson was the very successful owner of the horse stud.)

Much of the built-up area in St Albans Park was created when the suburb was part of Whittington, particularly the part west of Wilson Street. St Albans Park's census populations have been:

census date population
2001 3718
2006 4696
2011 4925