Upotipotpon (pronounced Yoo-potti-pot-pon) is an agricultural district 17 km north of Violet Town. Its name came from the Upotipotpon pastoral station (1841) of about 16,600 hectares, occupying land between the south side of Broken River and Stony Creek. It is thought the name was derived from Aboriginal words pootang pootang, meaning plenty of grass.

The district consists of good to fair agricultural land near the Broken River, some low scrubby quartz ranges, and clay soil near Violet Town. When the land was taken up for selection there was scattered box timber.

Between 1882 and 1888 four primary schools were opened in the district, all carrying the Upotipotpon name. They were closed between 1938 and 1951. Upotipotpon West school was renamed Koonda, that name probably arising from the Koonda butter and cheese factory (1900).

Upotipotpon’s census populations have been:

Census datePopulation