Delatite Shire

Delatite shire (1994-2002) was north-east of Melbourne, its nearest point to Melbourne being the Eildon Weir. Its southern end is near Mount Matlock, and contains the rugged headwaters of the Goulburn River, immediately north of the Great Dividing Range. The shire's northern end was beyond Benalla, about 150 km north of Mount Matlock. Delatite shire's area was 6189 sq km, and its approximate centre was Mansfield.

The shire was formed on 18 November 1994, by the union of Mansfield shire, Benalla city, most of Benalla shire and part of Violet Town shire. Its name derives from a pastoral station taken up near Mansfield in 1844, thought to be named after the wife of an Aboriginal tribal leader, Beeolite.

The southern part of the shire contains extensive wilderness areas, former gold towns at the headwaters of the Goulburn River and the Mount Buller Alpine Resort. The central and northern parts have a higher proportion of farmland, with wheat growing and grazing on the flat northern plain.

In 2002 the shire was de-amalgamated into the Rural City of Benalla and Mansfield Shire.

Delatite shire's census population were:

Census datePopulation