Drouin West and Drouin South

Drouin West's central point is at the intersection of Old Sale Road and Neerim Road. Its name came from the parish of Drouin West, but it is a misnomer because the village is 4 km north of Drouin. The district extends from Robin Hood to Brandy Creek, which is north-east of Drouin. Settlement began in the early 1870s at Brandy Creek, and a school of that name opened in 1874. It was later named Drouin West. There was also a mechanics' institute (1910) and the Northern Junction Hotel. There is also a cemetery in Old Sale Road, past the site of a sawmill.

Drouin South is a rural village on the Westernport Road, 5 km south of Drouin. Selectors took up farms in the district in the mid 1870s. It is near the King Parrot Creek, and the King Parrot school was opened in 1880. At about that time the King Parrot hotel was built, replacing an earlier shanty. A mechanics' institute hall was opened in 1888. Both buildings were burnt down, the hall in 1944. The present replacement hall dates from 1959.

In both places dairy farming has been the main rural occupation, but many residents now commute elsewhere for work. Both schools draw pupils from wide catchments and in 2014 had enrolments of 176 (Drouin West) and 218 (Drouin South). Census populations have been:

Census Date


  Drouin West Drouin South
1921 419 253
1947 375 282
1961 N/S 392
2011 365 392

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