Drumborg is a rural locality in western Victoria, situated on the Princes Highway, 7 km north-west of Heywood, and 30 km north of Portland. It was probably named after a licensed pastoral run (1846), which may have been named after Drumburgh, Scotland.

By the 1870s farm settlers were in occupation of the Drumborg district and a school was opened in 1874. By 1910 the Drumborg village included two churches (one of them Methodist opened in 1882) and a public hall (1903).

A considerable amount of land was uncleared until after World War II, and Drumborg was an area with mixed farming, grazing, dairying and some orcharding. Land clearing provided the winemaker, Seppelts, with the only available large piece of suitable space in the region for a vineyard (1964). Despite the cool climate, equally or better suited to dairying, several grape varieties have been harvested for the Great Western wine production.

Drumborg’s school was closed in 1951 when a consolidated school was opened in Heywood. Drumborg has a CFA station, a hall and a recreation reserve. Its census populations have been:

census date population
1911 128
1947 187
1954 243
1961 220
2011 312*

*and environs